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Immersion Event: Aftermath: The Battle of Loos
« on: August 10, 2014, 01:21:20 PM »
FR 90 (German) and the 18th RI (French) would like to extend to all members of the GWA an invitation to attend the first GWA endorsed immersion event of the 2014-2018 Centennial series of re-enacting events.

The theme is; "Aftermath: The Battle of Loos" (5-7 December 2014 in Newville PA). The event scenario will focus on the chaotic aftermath of the battles of Loos; in the fall of 1915.

 This is a 24 hour immersion event that will start Friday night at approximately 6:00PM and will continue until 4:00PM on Saturday afternoon. The tactical portion of the event will be followed by a social event hosted by the sponsors.
Our goal for this event is to create a realistic "Immersion Style" event in which participants get to experience a full 24 hours in the trenches and conduct realistic trench activities; all set in a 1915 environment.

 WARNING: This will not be your average GWA style event. If your goal is to come out to the trenches, shop, socialize, and drink beer with your buddies, then this event may not the event for you.

 This event will focus on period activities such as wiring parties, trench raids, mail call, chow, relief in place, trench repair, etc, with an "after event social" following hostilities on Saturday night. The emphasis of the tactical portion of this event will be to employ and broaden each participant's "period personna" and to improve each unit's ability to act independently and in conjunction with other units in a period correct military manner.

Event contacts are:

French Forces: Carter Bertone (18th R.I) -

German Forces: Bob Balfour (FR-90) -

Allied Commander: Carter Bertone
Central Powers Commander: Robert Balfour

 This event will be open to all units / individuals (French, Commonwealth, German) who wish to attend and can meet the 1915 themed authenticity requirements. We have plenty of openings for support roles as well as combatants so if you have an alternate impression and can bring something new for this event, let us know. Additionally, if you are a member of a US or Russian unit who's participation would not be historically accurate, now is the time to put together an alternative impression. The French line will have a limited amount of loaner gear available for those who would like to participate and kit out as French.

 This is an excellent opportunity to explore other facets of our hobby that are not normally practiced at GWA events. For those concerned about safety and fatigue issues each side will have a unit rotation plan designed to ensure individuals get adequate rest as to be safe and effective.

Thank you for your time and attention. We hope to see you at the event.

Carter Bertone
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