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Rudi Weiss

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About Me

What can I say? You could go to "my page" at:

I also have a facebook page (where I get sucked into political arguments and look at dog pix and sometimes download recipes)...

Historical reenacting
WWI German, I used to do WWII German and I LOVE 1st Century Roman. Yeah, I do like history, did ya get that? I'm also into Web-geekery, my High School Alumni stuff, MT. Biking. I like shooting skeet w/ my brothers, actually most kinds of shooting are fun. I have guns (oh golly, how horrible! ;-0 How could that be?), a goodly number of muzzleloaders. A man with a gun is a Citizen, a man without a gun is a subject. So, I guess I should stop ranting... soon, they'll come and take me away, but wait, I registered as a Democrat... (he-he-he).

I Sail therefore, I am!
Yeah, I love it. I have a Catalina 22 named Hotspur that I keep in Mt. Vernon, Va on the Potomac. It's fun, most of the people are nice and it's a lot of fun.

I've been reenacting WWI since Fall of 1990. I came out and watched the two events before that and was hooked. I love WWI, the time period, the whole thing...

Ah'ms is from
Originally from California, I lived in VA for years, then moved back in 1999... ended up back here in PA, in 2006?not much work in Cali and reenacting really is, different there. Not bad mind you, just different. Most of my reenacting has been here, in the MidLant... Probably 'Nuff said, Ja?!

I drive a Mail truck and used to manage some big mail routes until the company went belly-up (not my fault) >:-( The muggle world... B-O-R-I-N-G... I now do some management and implement EOBRD (electronic on board recording device?think black boxes for trucks, but more).

My Weirdness
I am a web geek, I love doing web projects, along with weird crap like unit manuals, and other such things?Fun to me. Hey, some people build models, I build websites.

*A tidbit of Great Warness: My Grandfather was in WWI, a Chauchaut gunner in Co. E, 305th InfRgt, 77th InfDiv.

Anyway, people ask why I do reenact... I do it because I love history and the "being there" of it. To step back and "feel" the time period. I hope this website will help in improving communications amongst our fellows and make it better for us all. The nice thing about WWI is that there are less of the hatreds of other time periods... in WWII and Silly War, the opposing sides pretty much DO hate each other. Like it's real or something. Very strange, I've always thought.

If we've never met and you see me at an event, please come say "Hi!" It's always good to place a face to someone from online. :-)

My Interests

You might already have figured out that I'm a historical reenactor... DUH! I own, the biggest historical reenacting website on the planet ;-p I got into reenacting originally, by doing OPFOR (Opposing Force training) for the U.S. Army as an unpaid volunteer?this hooked me up with other reenactors and I then got into WWI reenacting. This led to WWII and also, Roman reenacting.

Most everything, really. Not rock ballads (yuck), and Rap?I ain't callin' it "hip hop" it's be rap! I also like old German Marschmusik... some chanting stuff the wife had on a cd. Just music, 80s-90s stuff. However, after that, yes. Old style country like my brother Jim likes...

Books, Movies, etc.
Uh... duh, reenacting, history, sailing. Movies LOtR, The Hobbit, Star Wars series, Trek (the new reboot is great!), Master and Commander, Hornblower...

Other Hobbies:
Shooting, Sailing, Web design, etc. I read a lot. Sci-Fi. Yes, I like Star Wars (Rogue ONE!!!!!!!!!!!), the new Star Trek was cool...

Yeah, I have dogs these days. I also have a Red Heeler, she is way too smart for her own good and thinks she is in charge of the world. I got my old Basenji, Miller back when my Dad passed. Perfect dog. My wife has two Chihuahuas... I didn't like little dogs until she got the first?he's cool. Way cool!!

The feel of the Past
What does that mean?, I bet you're asking... well, I like, in reenacting, to try and get a "feel" for the past. Sometimes it's only the smallest fraction of a second. Roman is like that. WWI though, has given me the most of these moments -- the ones where you forget that it's the 21st century.

I know many feel that one does that by trying to live exactly like "they" did. By truly suffering, etc. Does that mean I wish to have lice? To not bathe for weeks at a time? To have my "smelling apparatus" (as some called it then) burned out by the stench of the battlefield? Uhh, no. As my friend Tony says: most of us wish for a "taste" of what they went through, not to suffer in their footsteps. But hey, to each their own. :-)

Still, one can also feel the period by trying to live and talk and eat like they did. To try NOT to talk about modern things. To not even think of your fellow reenactors by their muggle names, but by their reenacting name. A little at a time.
Marsh Wise
aka Sgt. Rudi Weiss
CO 1./J.R. 23 "Von Winterfeldt"

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April 20, 2018, 12:27:55 PM

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