GWA Event Registration

Fall 2018 | Registration Form (Hard Copy)

***Payment must be received by Friday, October 19, 2018, at 23:45pm.


1. Pre-registration closes TWO weeks prior to the event. After that you will pay a $15 gate fee.

2. If there are questions, e-mail the treasurer direct at

3. There will be NO walk-on registration on Saturday. Those who have not pre-registered or who are first timers, must fill out safety waivers and check on Friday.

4. International registrations paying with check or money order must add $5.00 to cover GWA costs in cashing them. (International members paying in cash will not be charged a gate fee)

5. Print out a copy of your Paypal receipt. You may be required to verify your payment confirmation at registration. This way gives you assurance of any unintended confusion that may arise.

Fill out my online form.